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Brenden Is currently in his Junior year at the Kansas City Art Institute working towards a BFA in animation. After painting for 8 years, Brenden has garnered the ability to sell artwork globally in 60 different countries across the world. His body of work consists of many different mediums such as watercolor painting, drawing, graphic design, animating, photography, modeling, singing, dancing, acting, and writing. Brenden is also the first and only person to be nominated for a "Blue Star" award for his publicity and marketing designs. 

Along with his full-time work as a visual artist and designer, Brenden is known as a singer/vocalist and songwriter based in Kansas City, Missouri, performing in venues and stages across the city. Brenden's body of work consists of visuals and writing inspired by stories of his life, and lessons he's learned along the way.


  • EOS Exhibition, Kansas City Art Institute, May 2023

  • EOS Exhibition, Kansas City Art Institute, November 2022

  • 100 Times Over, Kansas City Art Institute Exhibition, May 2021

  • Smaller Arts, Smalter Art Gallery, Kansas City, MO, November 2021

  • EOS Exhibition, Kansas City Art Institute, November 2021


  • Personal Marketing and Media Designer, 2018 - Present

  • Publicity Designer and Marketing Manager, Oak Park High, 2018 - 2021


  • Westport Art Fest, Fountain Haus Nightclub, 2022

  • Kansas City First Fridays Street Vendor 2017-2020

  • Kansas City Arts in the Park 2018

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